Social Media…when it’s good, it’s good!

If you have a business or product and you don’t use social media to promote your brand, you’re definitely missing a trick!

With social media use at an all-time high, and with all the free and accessible platforms available out there; social media is your gold ticket to free promotion, and powerful promotion at that! But there are rules to the game, let me share some with you!

Don’t take it personal, this is a professional world!

Don’t approach your business social media account as you would your personal account. I always advise my clients to keep separate business and personal accounts. I also remind my clients that your approach to posting on your business profile should not be the same as the approach taken on your personal account. Posting for business means ‘strategy’! Yes, even social media needs a strategy!

So, what about strategy?

A social media strategy is your chance to think and apply careful planning to how you’re going to make your social media work for your business. You need to be thinking about your objectives; what is it that you want to achieve from your social media?….and please don’t say “I just want more followers!” That on its own is not enough! Think about why you want more followers, how will more followers benefit your business? Once you answer this, you can start to think about the type of content you will post. You can then start to think of a plan of what to post, when to post and how you will keep momentum so you don’t only gain followers, but you maintain them! It can feel pretty foreign, we’re not used to applying strategy to our personal social media accounts…but that’s all change in the world of social media for business, and you’ll have to get used to it!

Are you engaged?

There’s more to social media management than posting though, and it’s always important to bare that in mind. Think of your social media platform as your network. As well as posting content and promoting your brand, you need to respond to interactions! Liking comments on your posts, replying to comments on posts and starting interactions yourself, will all be part and parcel of your social media management. You also need to build your network by exploring your online community, liking posts from other contributors in your community as well as discovering and following others. This also constitutes as engagement and will help you to grow your networks as well as get you noticed within the community and the markets you’re trying to enter.

The nifty bits!

There are the tricks of the trade that I also tell my clients to never forget, I nag them about these from time to time actually!! They can sound simple, but they are very powerful and often forgotten! Never post without hashtags!! A hashtag is more than just a catchy statement at the end of a phrase or caption! A hashtag is a type of metadata that is used to ensure your post is tagged to a particular topic and category. Using the right hashtags is vital to increasing the reach of your posts. Always use captions on your posts!!

Think of it like telling a story to someone who knows nothing about your service or product. Captions help to make your posts more relatable and help your audience to make sense of your message. Don’t lag!! Keep up the momentum and adopt a regular posting schedule. If you’re going to do it, you have to do it properly and regular posting is the only way. Reposting isn’t bad! Sharing posts from reputable thought leaders and others in your community can be very useful, particularly if you’re short on your own content and need to maintain your post schedule. Reposting is not plagiarism or stealing….just always remember to credit the originator on your post. Delegate! If you don’t have the time, passion or expertise to manage your social media properly, seek support or delegate it to someone who can!

You think it’s simple? Think again!!

Many people underestimate the time they should dedicate to proper social media management. Planning and strategizing your approach to social media management will ensure that you have a clear vision and your time is well spent. You wouldn’t proceed to cooking a completely new dish without a thought out approach to the ingredients needed and the steps to be taken to cook it would you? That would mean several trips to the shop to buy forgotten ingredients, several failed attempts at getting the recipe right and a lot of wasted time! A list of ingredients and a step by step plan would have solved all of that!

Don’t overcook your social media management! Get your recipe, ingredients and steps set out before you start and you’ll be on to a winning dish!!!

Written by – Princess Francis

Virtual Assistant and Founder of GetSetVA!

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @GetSetVA

Email: info@getsetva.co.uk

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