How broadening your press coverage helps you achieve great success.

Nicola Millington - Founder of FP Comms
Nicola Millington - Founder of FP Comms

Do you enjoy people reading and learning more about your business?

Do you enjoy reading or listening to other peoples’ reviews and comments about your business?

I think it is fair to say, that most businesses relish the opportunity for commentators, journalists, influencers and pundits to review and critique their business. It is a way for millions of people to learn more about your business; understand your brand and business better, and share your content with others.

Reaching the eyeballs and earlobes of your consumer is all important for your business growth. But where are your consumers learning about your business?

Over the last 20 years, we have seen a diversification of media platforms and the way people consume their information today. It used to be a very linear transaction. There were a select range of news-channels, news-papers and radio-shows you would consume, you could be easily boxed within a category of being a; Sun reader, or a BBC Radio 4 Listener …. and there was comfort in knowing that you were part of a tribe, a group of people who near enough, though like you and liked the things you liked. However, this also made it clearer for businesses to narrow their PR, Marketing and Advertising to a specific publication. Of course, we can argue the pros and cons of such a narrow marketing channel, but it was safe and you more and less knew who you were talking to and how a large percentage of them would react.

That has changed!

Today, we live in a society where there is information overload, traditional platforms are dying or evolving to reflect, the changing appetite of consumers today. As a business owner, you have to evolve with the psychology of the consumer, to accommodate their:

Time poor lifestyle

Evolving media consuming habits

Diversification of media outlets

Here are three press tips for connecting with your consumer in 2018.

1. Never underestimate the power of niche and smaller platforms.

Many clients come to us expecting to get into the broadsheets from day one. Although it is never impossible, it is less likely to achieve from the starting blocks. It is more helpful to leverage the power of niche online and print publications that speak to your audience directly. We have found that clients who have stuck with that plan, within 18/24 months, larger publication are approaching them and interested in hearing their story.

2. Never underestimate who is consuming content about you.

Time and time again we have had journalists approach us because their niece, nephew, friend, cousin, aunty, uncle …. recommended our clients because they heard about them through or heard them on a podcast, or read about them on a ‘little’ blog and that person shared the link with the journalist. So fair warning for all those waiting for Oprah, The Guardian …. to connect with you. They may learn about you through ways you least expect and it is at your detriment to marginalise those ‘small‘ beginnings. Arapina is an example of a client of ours that started out with NO press coverage in December 2017 and now is being approached by larger magazines.

3. Who is reading your press release?

Journalism has changed. There are many more Freelancers who are supplementing their income through blog post writing, podcasting, and vlogging (to a lesser extent). However, it is worthwhile researching a blogger or Influencer who may want to write an article about you. You may be surprised to learn how many other platforms and news outlets they produce content for. Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff is an example of a journalists who writes for Blog Gal-dem but also contributes to The Guardian.

Many business owners underestimate the power of Public Relations (PR) within their marketing mix. However, in the words of Richard Branson, if he had to spend his last pennies on any form of Marketing, he would focus it on PR.

I challenge you to News Google your business.

Type in your business name and do your first search

Type in the name of the person who speaks to the media and do a separate search

Click on the NEWS feed for both and see who is ‘talking’ about you.

You may be surprised to see the articles that come up for you and where they come from.

Happy Hunting!


Tip of the day!

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If you have not already set up a media/press section on your website, I encourage you to do so and collate all your press coverage and place it on your website; it helps with the SEO and also encourages other news platforms to work with you, as backlinks are helpful to the journalist. Blog Post Written by Nicola Millington Founder of FP CommsEmail: pr@fpcomms.co.uk Phone: 020 8099 1988

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