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Updated: Mar 28, 2019

As the evenings draw in, some of us get what we call over at the Nurture Lounge, ‘Hibernation Situation’ (aka ‘Winter Blues’ or SAD – Seasonal Affected Disorder).

Inspired to write by a conversation with Nicole from Fresh Connections UK, in which Nicole asked me how I was; I found myself literally pausing for a good ten to fifteen seconds (it felt longer to be honest, long enough for my not so inner awkward girl to feel she needed to explain the pause).

The explanation was simple enough, I was giving enough time to ask myself how I was, listen for the answer and then answer authentically. What does that have to do with the price of electricity? (I know you caught the winter Tea - lol), well the question made me think of how often we say, ‘How are you?’ or ‘Alright?’ as a greeting without as opposed to hearing the answer. Also, recently a lot of people have said that they are feeling out of sorts, but they don’t ask why. For me it’s because we are moving from autumn into winter.

Our genetic memory bank is telling us to prepare to hibernate and snuggle in for the winter, while modern living as an entrepreneur is saying ‘Go, Go, Go, Produce’. I feel that this dichotomy of antiquity vs modernity is a big part of the internal conversation, that contributes to the ‘Hibernation Situation’ at the ‘Discombobulation Station’.

To help navigate this situation, we will be sharing a series of basic coping strategies but the simplest one we can think of, is to ask yourself ‘How am I?’. Literally give 3 to 5 minutes to ask yourself the question, and listen, to YOU. If you need to lock yourself in the bathroom with pen and paper for privacy, go ahead. It could be on your commute, stuck in traffic but you may be surprised at what you have to say. The answers are within Bab.

Well being Without the Woo Woo Nat xx

For more information on SAD, try this link:


Written By - Natalie NurtureFounder of Nurture By Natalie

Social media: @NurturebyNatalieNurture by Natalie

website: www.nurturebynatalie.com

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