A Chat With…Dwain Reid, Founder of DWAINREID.com, Giggles Kids Club and Wealth First

Dwain Reid is a Motivational Speaker and Business Coach with 15 years’

experience running workshops, inspiring, mentoring and coaching people across the UK and around the world to start and grow their own ventures. He is an avid networker and enjoys encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone.

He is also the owner of 2 other businesses: Giggles Kids Club that provides childcare, manages 13 staff and has a turnover of £200k, and Wealth First, a wealth management brokerage, all because…he likes to keep himself busy!

Some of Dwain’s mentees have appeared on Dragons’ Den where they have obtained significant investment.

Tell us about your brand?

I actually run 3 companies. First there’s DWAINREID.com. Through this company, I

offer coaching for small businesses and entrepreneurs that are in the startup stage –

that stage when you have an idea, or a few ideas and you don’t know what to do with

them, or you’ve recently started your business, but you can’t get into profit mode.

So I teach entrepreneurs how to get started and how to stay motivated in a formal business structure.

Secondly, I run a childcare business. I’ve been running this for 15 years now and we

have 3 after-school clubs in Lewisham and are in fact the biggest after-school care

providers in Lewisham. Thirdly, I run a property sourcing business. I source properties for those that are interested in property investment - those that are looking for a good return from property investment as opposed to living in a property.

What inspired you to start your own venture?

Essentially, I guess I wanted to have that freedom of working for myself and not having to rely on a boss. So that was really the first inspiration. But now that I have sort of matured in business, the services that I create are all about providing value and wanting to control the value that I can give from coaching small businesses, caring for children and helping people make the best use of their money through property investment.

Tell us about one highlight of your entrepreneurial journey.

Do you know what?! I think the biggest highlight has been providing jobs for other

people. So, through my childcare business, at our peak, we employed 12 people. Being able to employ people is awesome. I remember the first interviews I did, and to be able to say to someone ‘you’re hired’ was truly a highlight.

The biggest lesson you’ve learnt is…

Probably that no matter what is said, the most important thing in business is

consistency. Once you are consistent in a positive way then you will grow. It doesn’t

matter how much you don’t know because you can always get someone to do those

things. But if you are consistently operating at a high level then your business will

naturally grow.

What impact has your venture had so far or what impact would you like your

ventures to have?

Through DWAINREID.com, I’ve coached or inspired or touched at least 5,000 people. With Giggles, we’ve cared for at least 300 children and we want to care for more and raise their aspirations and those of our staff too.

For both DWAINREID.com and Wealth First, I really want to inspire more people to start a business and demystify the property market so that people realise just how simple it is.

What excites you?

Really being in control of my destiny.

What’s next for you and your business?

To be honest with you, to improve our own systems. I like to talk to the entrepreneurs I train about their systems and learn from them. Next, I would like to turn around the

source of my income so that most of it comes from the property business, meaning I

can sustain the other businesses, and do more free coaching.

On a day off, what would you do?

Days off are for chilling with the family and close friends. We spend a lot of time as

business owners going full 100, so if I can find a space to chill, watch Netflix and

recharge, that’s valuable!

The first thing you do when you wake up is…

Make sure that I haven’t picked up my phone so that I can do the most important things first!

Three people you’d like to have a chat with are:

Anyone that I can collaborate with or can add value to my journey.

You can find out more about Dwain Reid at:




T: 07931403992

E: team@dwainreid

Twitter: @dwainreid

IG: @mrdwainreid

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