You Vs You

Show up and rise up to creating a fitter, healthier you. This class is for everyone no matter what level of fitness, you are welcome to join us.  Our friendly, certified fitness trainer will guide and instruct with plenty of interaction.


You have the opportunity to have a Calorie Counter Consultation and Stretch & Relax session.

The Trainer

Anton Thompson is the certified fitness and mindset coach for the You Vs You fitness sessions and has over 8 years experience in the industry. From London to Essex he has had the pleasure of bringing the best out of hundreds of clients of all ages. With endless fat loss success testimonials and award winning athletes under his guidance, his journey of helping others has been phenomenal but he isn't stopping there!

Things you’ll gain from these classes:

  • Calorie burning

  • Stimulates the circulation of the body including the brain

  • Pumps up endorphins - the feel good hormones to reduce stress

  • Boosts confidence - get those deals done!

  • Improves your energy levels

  • Improve your overall health

  • Get a more restful sleep - to stay brain sharp

  • Increase your strength & stamina - to handle those physically challenging days


All you'll need is a bottle of water, a towel, a laptop or or phone to stream the session, and occasionally a chair.

The Classes

Our classes are 1 hour per session. Sundays 12.00. All in an interactive, fully engaging, and fun environment with a high energy and thorough trainer who is passionate about helping others to succeed.

Fit Couple


£2.00 per class

Book 10 sessions in 1 purchase & get the next session FREE