Intentional Networking - Networthing to Grow

​Connecting, generating more business, and learning with like-minded entrepreneurs while creating and nurturing long-lasting relationships. National online networking meeting connecting business owners across the UK.


FC Networthing to Grow virtual meeting, is where the connections, the knowledge, the new contacts and business relationships are formed. We will be networking with intention!

We are a vibrant, proactive, growing community of like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders spread over a wide range of different professions or trades, who have a wealth of experience and expertise, networthing within FC network to pass business, connections, and advice to each other.

Make real connections in a short space of time.


Book NOW, and see how we can really help boost your business through Fresh Connections!

The Meetings

Our networthing meeting is 1 hour starting at 8am to 9am. 

Speaker: Imelda Fossu - Marketing To Boost Your Business In These Crucial Times

What is Networthing?

Networthing is when we enter into space as a resource, an asset. Entering the space with the mindset of not what can I get, but what can I give. Networthers are ready to connect with people by asking how can I help? How can I be of resource to you? Look intentionally for ways of how we can connect people, opportunities and ideas.Networthing is where you are consistently trying to be an asset, and value of worth to your network.


1st May £5.00


1st June £5.00