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Fresh Connections is a platform for African and Caribbean business owners and entrepreneurs to come together, make new connections and network with positive, progressive and like-minded entrepreneurs in a safe environment. It was founded in 2017 by entrepreneur Nicole Pinkney.


Fresh Connections is highly valued for the quality of members contributions, event experiences and pro-active support. Connecting members at the time when they need in order to support one another.  FC members understand that it is not all about the sell, it's about sharing information, discussions with solutions and inspiring each other to grow.


As well as networking via our online forum group members are invited to FC's regular networking events which have given members the opportunity to meet face to face, consolidate initial connections and build stronger business relationships. As a result of being in FC, members have gained new customers, collaborated & expanded their contact base. 



With an array of businesses in Fresh Connections including store owners, Business Coaches, Caterers, Bespoke Tailors and Fashion Designers, Building companies, Videographers, Graphic Designers, Accountants, Counselors, Event Planners, Production Company but to name a few.

Here at FC we believe in investing in supporting one another, hence our mantra 'Lift As We Climb', which means offering a hand to reach out and pull others up as we collectively aim to inspire, build and grow. 

We regularly create experiences which help our members to connect, build, learn and grow their business. Why not join us?